Why Use Us?

  • Get the right IT solution for your business

    indepth IT Solutions  have extensive experience in designing and managing computer systems for small to medium enterprises (SME) and understand the challenges that you face.  This experience has led us to develop a range of solutions for companies with 3 computers, all the way through to companies with over 250 computers.

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Our approach to IT solution design is different than most, as we place great importance on the total cost of IT components (both upfront and ongoing costs).  Ongoing support requirements are proportionately the largest cost associated with an IT asset and can amount to many times the initial purchase price.

  • Understand Customer Needs

    We take time to understand your businesses in order to better align proposed solutions with your specific needs. We will not propose a product or solution unless we think it is appropriate.

    Experienced Staff

    Our senior staff have extensive IT industry experience (all 15+ years) and have expertise in many products and solutions, having worked both sides of the fence (internal IT and as outsourcers).

    Concentrate on Quality

    Our  standard procedures for implementing and managing systems ensure quality systems and services are provided.  We recommend appropriate hardware from leading vendors to match customer needs.

  • Range of Services

    We provide a full range of services including IT management, consulting, project  management, system installation, application development and ongoing support.

    Customised Solutions

    We offer a range of solutions covering on-premise, cloud computing, virtualisation, Business Intelligence (BI) and system recovery.  Our ongoing support options can be modified to meet your needs.

    SME Focused

    Our services and solutions are designed for the small to medium enterprise.   We provide quality offerings at a price that SME can afford.