System Monitoring

  • indepth IT Solutions can monitor your computer network 24 hours x 7 days.

    Monthly management reports are provided giving a summary of the status of the  network. They can be used to show trending and utilisation of the equipment to plan for future growth.

    The cost for monitoring is based on a fixed cost per month, per device.  It can be purchased as a standalone service or bundled with IT support or managed services.

Proactive monitoring could prevent an extended outage in your business

How Infrastructure Monitoring Works

Thresholds are set for key elements and if performance varies outside of a predetermined range, we will notify the network administrator or support team via email and / or other alert methods.  The monitoring service includes the ability to set up scheduled maintenance tasks that not only prevent problems, but also significantly reduce the troubleshooting time.

We can monitor TCP, UDP, SNMP, performance counters,  services, file size, registry key or process running.  Alert thresholds could include high processor use, high memory utilisation and low  hard disk space.  Component failures (for example, an individual hard  drive failure) will also trigger alerts.

The monitoring software allows you to create scripts  to run immediately or on a scheduled basis.  Monitors can call scripts in the event of failure to automate information gathering, call other programs or  conduct self-healing (i.e. automatically restart a service).