IT Solution Design

We focus on advising businesses on how to best to use Information Technology to meet their business objectives.  The approach we use for IT solution design is different than most, as we place great importance on the total cost of IT components (both upfront and ongoing costs). Ongoing support requirements are proportionately the largest cost associated with an IT asset and can amount to many times the initial purchase price.

Our consultants will assess the business requirements with the goal of finding a balance between users’ wants and the need for the organisation to provide access to applications and contain costs. Simple measures such as, ‘locking down’ components of an IT system may be unpopular with some staff, although could greatly reduce ongoing support issues.

Detailed system audits can be conducted to analyse the performance, assess the capacity, review the robustness and level of redundancy of existing IT components or the complete IT system. Based on your requirements, an IT review can provide recommendations on one or more of the following areas:

  • System design – centralised, distributed, thin client, on-premise, cloud
  • IT infrastructure – servers, storage, virtualisation, computers, switching
  • Applications and licencing – standard software, operating system licensing, custom applications
  • Security and protection – firewalls, antivirus, power protection, data protection
  • Backup and recovery – data restoration and system recovery
  • Communications – interoffice connectivity, internet links, remote access

Our experienced and qualified staff have conducted consulting exercises that cover businesses with five (5) staff through to companies of two hundred plus (200+) staff, covering multiple business unit requirements, with offices across many locations in Australia.

Engage us to perform a comprehensive health check on your IT system

Do you know the current state of your IT system?

indepth IT Solutions can provide an IT system health check to give business owners an understanding of the status of their IT system.

After an onsite review, we will provide a report covering the following items:

  • Server status
  • Network performance
  • System licensing
  • System backup and recovery
  • System security

If you require more a in depth analysis of your IT systems or you are looking to update your IT system, we can provide a  consultant to assess your needs and provide a recommendation specific to your business.