IT Security

  • How Secure is Your Business?

    An IT security solution can consist of several methods.  It can be hosted externally, consist of in-house measures or more often a combination of both internal and external measures is employed.

    indepth IT Solutions can assist you in determining the “right level” of security for your business, implement appropriate solutions or provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your IT security systems are operating effectively.

See how indepth IT Solutions can improve IT security in your business

Examples of how indepth IT Solutions can help protect your business are as follows:

  • Layered Security

    A layered approach is recommended for IT security, giving several barriers of protection.  This may involve the use of a hosted or cloud solution, a local device with scanning capabilities (e.g. Firewall or security appliance) and / or software installed locally on the computers.

    Increasing loss of sensitive information from inside the organisation is becoming an issue.  indepth IT Solutions can assist with implementing measures to record activity in emails and web browsing, or block suspicious communications.


  • Monitoring & Updating

    Many organisation put security solutions in place, although do not monitor them to ensure they are kept up to date or configure alerts for issues or breaches.  The outbreak of a virus can be quickly contained if administrators are alerted promptly, greatly reducing the time and cost to repair affected devices.

    Vendors are constantly releasing security patches and many security threats can avoided if patches are applied regularly.  Ensuring updates are implemented for operating systems and applications needs to be a regular IT maintenance activity.


  • Staff Education

    Another measure that is often overlooked is educating staff on common ways that malicious code can be introduced on to a desktop.

    Antivirus solutions do not catch all viruses.  The most common way of spreading viruses is by someone opening an attachment or clicking on unknown links in an email.

    A lot of issues can be avoided by simply educating staff that they should not click on suspicious website content, email attachment or links.