Strategic IT Advice


  • Is IT delivering value to your business and are the risks associated with IT being mitigated?

    An indepth IT Manager will assist your business by resolving IT headaches or greatly increasing your capabilities.

How can an indepth IT Manager help?

The following is list of examples of how an indepth IT Manager could assist your business.

  • Tracking Business Leads


    Our customer was looking for a way to track sales leads and report on the conversion rates from multiple sources.  Budget for the solution was limited and their preference was to implement an in-house solution to avoid the ongoing cost of a Cloud based applications (i.e. cost per person per month).


    An indepth IT Manager assisted the customer to tailor and implement a freely available CRM application to suit their business using a low cost overseas developer.

    We created a 24 page development requirements guide that took the customer’s needs and documented in a format that could be understood by the developer.  We assisted in selecting the developer and ensuring the selected application could be easily implemented in their current IT system.

  • Taking a Consulting Business Online


    An experienced consultant was looking to create a web site that took his successful face to face consulting business online, allowing individuals to self manage their career development.


    The customer was unsure of where to start and an indepth IT Manager helped by documenting the requirements to enable developers to quote.  We also assisted the customer with recommending technologies and platforms to use for the development.

  • Reducing Risk to the Business


    Production in a customer’s factory was being controlled using an old custom written application.  The application was running on an unsupported operating system and the developer was not known.  The likelihood of failure was increasing and the impact on the business if the application was unavailable was major, resulting in a high risk to the business.


    An indepth IT Manager converted the application to enable it to be run on the latest operating system and supported hardware, greatly reducing the potential risk to the business.

    The cost involved in the modifications to the application were a fraction of the cost to replacement.

  • Transition to the Cloud


    A manufacturing business was running on old equipment and needed to update their IT system.  The risk of hardware failure was increasing and the time was approaching when the vendor would not support their operating system.  Their preference was to move everything to the Cloud.


    An indepth IT Manager assessed their IT environment and together with the customer designed a “hybrid cloud” solution.  The critical applications were identified and moved to the Cloud to ensure higher up time.  Other parts of their system were keep on local servers to increase performance.

    We integrated the Cloud based applications into their existing IT system, ensuing a smooth transition and greatly reduced the amount of downtime during the implementation.