Disaster Recovery

  • IT systems have become increasingly important to the operations of a business and hence the requirement for continued operation of  these systems.  The rapid recovery in the event of a system failure is now essential.

    A major loss of data or an extended period of time without adequate IT systems may result in significant damage to a business and  potentially closure.  Preparation for continuation or recovery of systems needs to be taken very seriously.

    indepth IT Solutions can assist by creating a disaster recovery strategy that is tailored for your business to balance cost versus recovery time.

Could your business recover quickly from a major disaster?

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Implementing methods to reduce the risk of failure in the “live” system is the first step.  This may involve reviewing the following:

  • System backups to ensure important data is backed up and importantly periodically taken offsite
  • Implementing hardware redundancy to prevent system outages through failure of a single component
  • Installing a power protection device providing a surge guard and/or a battery backup (uninterruptible power supply or UPS) to allow gracefully shutdown of systems in the event of a power failure
  • Reviewing system security and antivirus software

The next step involves assessing and implementing an appropriate disaster recovery method.  Depending on the recovery time required by the business and the complexity of the system, a PC in the office could be configured to operate as a temporary server in the event of a disaster, through to a complete externally hosted recovery system ready to be activated with the required communications in place.