Cloud Solutions

  • Confused about the Cloud?

    indepth IT Solutions can assist you with understanding the Cloud and ensuring your business get the maximum benefit.  We can review your current systems and applications, design a solution to meet your individual needs and assist with migration to the Cloud.

    Our in depth understanding of all components of Cloud based application delivery make it simple and secure for your business.  These components include the following:

    • Mobile devices and desktops
    • Communications
    • Connect to Local or On-Premise applications
    • Security measures
    • Backup to ensure simple recovery of data
    • Support and monitoring

How can your business can benefit from Cloud based services?

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a Cloud based service that provides access to a range of hosted applications.  They range of plans from individual applications (i.e. email, calendar and contacts through Exchange Online) to bundled plans that include a copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office and advanced management tools.

  • Components of Office 365 include:

    • Exchange Online
    • SharePoint Online
    • Lync Online
    • Office Web Apps (browser based version of Office to allow viewing of documents)
    • Office Professional Plus

  • Security in the Cloud

    Before moving applications to the Cloud, businesses need to consider the security implications.

    The security of your data in the Cloud is heavily reliant on the measures put in place by the Cloud provider.  An assessment of the Cloud providers security controls and procedures should be conducted.  For example, is your data encrypted, where is your data located and if outside of Australia are there any other considerations.

    Additional security measured can be employed to increase the security of your data in the Cloud.  These include Two Factor Authentication (entering a username and password, plus another code that could be sent to a mobile phone) or integrating access into local systems to enforce strict password policies.

  • Cloud Solution Design

    indepth IT Solutions can assist your business take advantage of the benefits of having applications in the “Cloud”.  These benefits include reduced cost, high uptime and easy access to the application from anywhere.

    However, not all applications are suited to the Cloud.  Often the ideal design is a Hybrid environment, with some applications in the Cloud and On-Premise (on a local server).

    Moving applications to the Cloud increases the reliance on communications.  indepth IT Solutions can design secure communications solutions for your business.

  • Migration to the Cloud

    Once the decision is made to move your data and / or applications to the Cloud, how do you get it there?

    indepth IT Solutions have experience in migrating businesses to the Cloud and depending on the amount of data and the type of data it can be very time consuming and complex.  In some cases we have integrated local systems into the Cloud, to allow for gradual migration to reduce risk and downtime.

    Your communications links will also play a big part of the strategy employed to migrate to the Cloud.